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The working principle of hydraulic motor


Hydraulic motor is a common executive component in hydraulic system, which drives the mechanical device to operate by converting hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. This article will introduce the working principle of hydraulic motor.

A hydraulic motor is a hydraulic transmission device that converts hydraulic energy into rotational mechanical energy. Its basic working principle is to use the hydraulic energy delivered by the hydraulic system to convert it into the rotary motion of the rotating shaft through the interaction between the rotor and the stator in the hydraulic motor. Hydraulic motors can be divided into hydraulic gear motors, hydraulic turbine motors, hydraulic piston motors, etc. according to the structure of the rotor and stator.
Specifically, the hydraulic motor drives the rotor to produce rotational motion through the high-pressure fluid provided by the hydraulic system, while keeping the stator stable. Under the action of hydraulic energy, the rotor rotates under the drive of hydraulic pressure, and transmits energy to the mechanical device through the shaft, thereby driving the mechanical equipment to work normally.
Hydraulic motor is widely used in engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, aerospace and other fields. Its efficient transmission mode and reliable working principle make it an indispensable part of all kinds of mechanical equipment. Through continuous technological innovation and improvement, the working efficiency and reliability of hydraulic motors will continue to be improved, providing strong support for the development of various industries.

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