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What problems should be paid attention to when running a hydraulic motor?

Hydraulic motor is widely used in the major machinery enterprises, with the increase of hydraulic motor manufacturers, hydraulic motor application scope is also more broad, then in the use of hydraulic motor we should pay attention to what problems.


Reasons for the reduction of working efficiency of hydraulic motors

The reason for the wear of the 1. hydraulic motor: After the hydraulic motor installed on the drilling rig was disassembled and inspected, it was found that the friction surface between the hydraulic motor valve plate and the valve plate was seriously worn, with the wear depth reaching 0.15mm; The output shaft oil seal leaks oil.


Precautions during installation of hydraulic motor

As one of the executive components of hydraulic system, hydraulic motor is particularly important in practical use. But in the installation process should pay attention to what matters? Hydraulic motor drive shaft and other mechanical connection to ensure concentric, or the use of flexible connection. Please refer to the following steps:


Are hydraulic motors the same as electric motors?

The main difference between hydraulic motor and electric motor is that the power source is different. The energy source of hydraulic motor is the pressure potential energy of hydraulic oil, and the energy source of electric motor is electric potential energy. The electric motor is an electric motor, which is driven by electricity; the hydraulic motor is driven by pressure oil. How does the electric motor drive the hydraulic motor?


The working principle of air motor

Although various types of pneumatic motors have different structures and working principles, most pneumatic motors have the following characteristics: stepless speed regulation. As long as the opening of the intake valve or exhaust valve is controlled, that is, the flow of compressed air is controlled, the output power and speed of the motor can be adjusted. The purpose of adjusting the speed and power can be achieved.


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